Jeremy Bornstein at a table outside

The Jeremy Bornstein Trio

The Jeremy Bornstein Trio is just Jeremy Bornstein (that's me) playing music. I started releasing music under that name in 2023, in part because what I was recording then had started to sound (and be) different from what I'd done before: less focused on traditionally-structured pop-adjacent songs, and more on longer pieces that vibe a certain way, or at least try.

On these albums I play a variety of acoustic and electric instruments, mostly including guitar, violin, shakuhachi, mandolin, and keyboards, and occasionally dilruba, didgeridoo, and a bunch of others most of which don't begin with the letter D. There are also a bunch of samplers and synthesizers, many but not all of which are software-only instruments controlled via MIDI. I make most of the shakuhachi myself. I'm not a virtuoso on any instrument, but perhaps barely technically competent on a wide range of them. Also I occasionally sing.

The original releases of these pages were written from the viewpoint of an imaginary trio who actually thought themselves virtuosos, and were not shy about proclaiming it or about praising themselves. I thought that it would be easy to see that this was a joke, but I was soon made aware that the world does not lack for bands and musicians who falsely really do believe this about themselves, and so the joke lost its appeal for me. I'll likely eventually go back and write non-jokey blurbs for old releases, but as of this writing in May 2024, they're all the old fatuous style except for the most recent album. As ever, I am the best (and often sole) audience for my own humor.

All of this music is released without charge. If you listen and enjoy some of it, I'd be pleased to hear about it, and pleased if you were moved to share it with others as well. You can reach me at or

The personnel for The Jeremy Bornstein Trio, two of whom are imaginary, are/were:

  • Axel Von Dorn: bass guitar
  • Lars "The Catalyst" Montague: percussion
  • Jeremy Bornstein: everything else


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