Jeremy Bornstein at a table outside

The Jeremy Bornstein Trio

The Jeremy Bornstein Trio is a daring amalgamation of avant-garde artistry, a symphonic kaleidoscope that defies convention. Led by the eponymous maestro, Jeremy Bornstein, whose visionary prowess transcends the boundaries of musical expression, this ensemble unravels sonic tapestries that resonate with enigmatic charm.

Their sonic tapestry resonates with an eclectic array of instruments, from the haunting whispers of the shakuhachi to the emotive lilt of the violin, and the resonant tones of the zheng, among others. These instruments, among a diverse ensemble, interweave intermittently within their performances, adding layers of texture and depth to the ensemble's repertoire.

Bornstein's piano, a celestial storyteller, serves as the cornerstone of this melodious expedition, guiding the ensemble through compositions that traverse landscapes of imagination with an eloquence that words fail to capture.

The interplay among this diverse array of instruments within the ensemble unveils an orchestration of otherworldly timbres and melodic dialogues. Each note becomes a brushstroke upon a canvas of sound, painting vivid scenes that linger in the mind long after the music fades.

The Jeremy Bornstein Trio invites listeners into a realm where musical boundaries blur, where the resonance of instruments becomes a language of its own. Through their mesmerizing compositions and instrumental prowess, the ensemble invites you to a surreal auditory experience, where the familiar gives way to the fantastical, and the boundaries of musical expression are redrawn with each resonant note.


  • Axel Von Dorn: bass guitar
  • Lars "The Catalyst" Montague: percussion
  • Jeremy Bornstein: everything else


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