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It's Where You Left It, Not Where You Found It

Play 01 Play 01 After the World is Over, You Can Come for Tea 31:10
Play 02 Play 02 Ideas Are Not the Problem (Unless We're Talking About Your Ideas) 21:07

Amidst the shadows of geopolitical turmoil, "It's Where You Left It, Not Where You Found It" unfurls a gripping tale of espionage and deception. Protagonist Eva Langley, a seasoned intelligence operative, finds herself embroiled in a treacherous mission of deciphering a cryptic message hidden within an unexpected artifact.

As global tensions escalate, Eva stumbles upon an intriguing phrase, "After the World is Over, You Can Come for Tea," concealed within an ancient relic believed to hold encoded intelligence crucial to averting imminent chaos. Teaming up with the unorthodox cryptographer, Alexei Petrov, Eva ventures into the clandestine world of covert networks, navigating a labyrinth of twists and turns embedded in history's troves.

The title encapsulates the essence of the narrative, echoing the intricate layers of espionage where crucial clues lie not in their discovery, but in their obscure placements. As Eva and Alexei traverse continents, decoding subtle cues hidden in the artifacts' history, they unearth a truth that challenges global power dynamics.

This espionage thriller masterfully intertwines the enigmatic world of artifacts, espionage tradecraft, and the relentless pursuit of truth. As Eva and Alexei decipher the elusive message, they realize that the artifact holds the key to a cataclysmic revelation—one that could reshape the geopolitical landscape forever. "It's Where You Left It, Not Where You Found It" is a riveting saga of intrigue, manipulation, and the race against time to decipher an ancient riddle with modern consequences. Oh wait, it's not a novel at all. It's an album, with no words.

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