This interview was conducted via email in early 2001.


JB: I'm curious about your education and your scientific background. Did you go to college? If so, what did you study?

AC: I don't have much background. Went to City College San Francisco. Got AS degree. I didn't have a major. It was only General Education. I love electronics and I play with parts a lot when I was young.

JB: Have you expermented with adding electricity to your magnetic devices? If so, please tell us what you've tried and what the results were like.

AC: Yes. When I was 18, I did crazy experiments adding electricity to magnets, plugging wires on my body. When I was 21, I induced electricity into bath tub with me in it. I tried many stuff. The bed I sleep in everyday right now has a 1 foot long electromagnetic coil beside my pillow. I use it everyday to speed up circulation around my head area. This coil is the only thing which worked. The blood circulation increased and disfigurements cured. All other crazy stuff didn't work.

JB: Since you're apparently using multiple devices (electricity and magnets) on yourself at the same time, how do you figure out which effects are attributable to which devices?

AC: They are all very powerful. You immediately feel something, so there is no guessing. First, you sit in the bus and think of a way which might speed up healing process. Then you build the device and try it and see if it works. WHen you feel the result, a very strong result, the device worked. That's how I do research.

JB: Do you use a brace of some sort to align your head with the coil while you sleep?

AC: No.

JB: Do you have plans to market the bedside coil device? (If not, why not?)

AC: No. Legal reasons. The bed device could be dangerous. I don't want to be sued. I think Im safer to stay out of this.

JB: I certainly agree with your desire not to be sued. How do you think this device could be dangerous, though?

AC: First of all, the coil has no safety support. It is also very heavy. What if somebody handles it wrong and hurt his own head with it? What if electric shock occur? Too much worry.

JB: What were the results of the bathtub electricity experiment? What kind of electricity did you use?

AC: I found out that hands are the most sensitive organ of body. My hands shook in the bath tub when I induced 120 volts in the water with high resistance. The rest of my body didn't shake.

JB: I assume you didn't just plug wall current into the water, getting the high resistance from the resistance of your body. Isn't that something that usually kills people?

AC: No. You use resistors. Or else you shock to death.

JB: How can you tell that the coil increases your blood circulation?

AC: You get a real strong feeling. The blood is rushing like 10 times harder. You feel old scars are growing back to their original shape. Just very strong feeling.

JB: What sorts of disfigurements has the coil cured?

AC: Disfigurement of the bone. For example, if you're a football player, your arms and legs, the bones must have lots of dents. Using the coils can eliminate the dents of the bones.

JB: What kind of electricity do you use in the bedside coil?

AC: From the wall. 120 volts.

JB: Please tell me a bit more about your scientific background, including your informal experience as an inventor. I'm curious about any science courses you may have taken at City College San Francisco.

AC: No I didn't learn shit from school. That's why I quit school after I got AS degree. I did everything on my own. I think a lot. So I just sit home and think stuff thru.

JB: Have you collected any statistical data on the results people have attained from using your devices? Have you done any formal experiments?

AC: I did receive few research results from medical researchers and doctors. But mostly, people just email me testimonials and I post them up.

JB: What if a device has delayed effects, possibly not anything you'd notice for weeks or months? Would you be able to tell?

AC: Some people cannot tell because they are too healthy. They feel the same with or without the device. But most people can feel the difference.

JB: Also, when you feel the effect, how can you tell if it is ultimately a good effect or a bad effect? Sometimes things which are good for you feel good, and sometimes they feel bad--and vice-versa too. That makes it difficult for me to understand how you can be sure of being successful with your research methodology.

AC: If you put the rings on correctly, you always feel good!! If you put it on the wrong way, you always feel bad. Feel bad means sneezing, coughing, headache, ill, etc. I cannot explain to you. You have to use the device to understand.


JB: What other interests do you have, apart from those which are represented on your website?

AC: I used to be a very good artist. When I was young, I was the best artist of my classes. I love to predict the future using IChing. Stock market prediction, etc.

JB: When you were making art, what was your favorite medium? What attracted you to it? What were the subjects of your work?

AC: Japanese anime. I grew up in Taiwan where Japanese anime dominated Kid's network starting in the early 70s. Most of the kids drew anime stuff.


JB: Do you use an English translation of the IChing, or do you use a Chinese version? Have you looked at the Wilhelm book? How do you think it compares to the original or to more recent efforts?

AC: I read Chinese books. You cannot learn IChing by reading English books. Those english IChing books are for stupid americans. (Not all americans are stupid. But english Iching books are for stupid english readers. That's what I meant.) They are scams. All scams. A real Chinese IChing is so complicated, it's like reading a calculus text book.

JB: Can you explain a bit how the Chinese IChing is different from the best English versions? Specifically, do they not have the "images" and "judgements" concepts? Do they not offer readings based on changing and static lines, and the movement from one hexagram into another? I'm very curious about how they differ, and unfortunately I do not yet know how to read Chinese.

AC: First, English IChing has no astrology chart. Chinese IChing has a very sophisticated astrology chart. When you predict something, you have to know the year, month, date, and time. Then you throw coins. Then you must know the five element of each line. Then you compare the element of the lines to the element of the year, month, date. Chinese IChing has thousands of recorded predictions. So you are like a lawyer. You refer back to IChing predictions done few hundred years ago or predictions done few months ago. Then you know exactly what month of the year will Yahoo jump up to $200 a share, which is around September of 2001. All I know is Chinese IChing is 20 times harder than english IChing.

JB: Do you use yarrow sticks, coins, or some other method? Why?

AC: coins. I cannot explain why. It's too technical.

JB: As I understand it, the original divination method was yarrow sticks, and coins provide somewhat of a different statistical result than the yarrow. Is this the basis for your preference, or is it something to do with the items themselves? Would a computer simulation of the coin method be equivalent to actually using the coins themselves?

AC: Coins are easier to throw. So I stick with coins. I never tried computers before.

JB: What kinds of coins do you use when you throw them for IChing? Would it work just as well if you used a different kind of coin?

AC: Hey you can use quarters. It works. Head is Yang, and tail is Ying.

JB: Aside from the fact that you have presumably had good results with it, why do you think the IChing works?

AC: For example. I knew Yahoo will drop all the way to $35 a share in December, it came true. I told my friends. Nobody believed me. But it came true. So many things came true with ICHing prediction.

JB: I'm sorry, I must not have been clear; this isn't an answer to the question I was asking. Let me try again: What do you think is the scientific basis for the good results which you have seen with the IChing?

AC: Do you realize that stock market also has a trend? Brokers must learn how to read the chart in order to determine the trend. IChing is similar to stock market trend. Once you indicate what element is strong and which is weak, you know what's going to happen.

JB: I can imagine many possibilities for stock market prediction using IChing. What are your methods? Have you been practicing them for very long? What are the results like?

AC: I practiced Stock Market 2 years. Very accurate. 85% accuracy. But I didn't bet money because I was too nervous.

JB: Again, I don't think I was clear on this. A new version: Please describe in detail the process which you use to make a prediction about a specific stock. For example, how did you go about predicting that Yahoo would decline to 35?

AC: I threw coin asking for Yahoo's trend. I got a result which shows that the star which represents money (Yahoo), a fire star, will be hurt in the month of December, which is a water month. On the day I threw the coin, it was a water day and a metal month. Both the month and the date are bad for the fire. Therefore I concluded that yahoo shall drop in December.


JB: Please tell us about your family. Did they encourage you in any particular directions?

AC: My father doesn't give a damn about me. He married 4 times. I forgot what my mom looked like. If my father dies in a car accident, I wouldn't care. Why should I? My father has mentally and physically tortured me when I was so young. He beated me brutally. U don't want this man for father. My whole family thinks Im nuts. I don't blame them. They're Chinese. They should be stubborn and conservative. Im the only Chinese mad scientist around.

JB: When did you start to think of yourself as a mad scientist?

AC: The moment I created Immortality Rings.

JB: Where were you born and raised?

AC: I was born in San Francisco. I was raised in Taiwan from 0 year-old until 9. Came back to San Francisco at 9. Moved to Florida at 11. Came back to San Francisco at 14. I lived in my relatives' houses, and they treated me awlfully. My father treated me like a slave. He got to beat me whenever he wants. When I was 10, he took me to a restaurant, sit in front of me, and ate delicious food. The problem is I was hungry and he didn't order anything for me. Nothing!

JB: Where did you live in Florida? I lived in and near Tampa from around 1971 until 1985.

AC: Boca Raton

JB: I thought I heard that you lived with your mother, but what you say above seems to contradict this. Is this wrong? What are your present living arrangements?

AC: I lived by my self ever since 17 (1989). Now Im 30. Bought a house in San Francisco.

JB: Congratulations, is this recent? When did you buy your house in San Francisco?

AC: Why? In sunset district. Are you fimiliar with San Francisco?

JB: Have you modified your house in any way to support the beneficial actions of magnets? For example, have you installed magnets near your usual work areas or in any other parts of your house?

AC: No. I rent out my house. Mortgage is too high for me to live in. I am single. Without wife and kids, why would I live in such a big house? (6 bed rooms, 2 bath, 1 living room, 2 dining room, kitchen) So I rent a single room somewhere else for just $260 a month.

JB: When you first realized that you wanted to market the Immortality Rings, how did you go about finding a manufacturer?

AC: Just call several mode shop and compare the price.

JB: What is/was your father's profession? Your mother's?

AC: My father is a business man. A loser who thinks he knows business. He always run around borrowing money from relatives. My step mother don't do shit. House wife.

JB: Do you have any siblings? What are they like?

AC: Got 1 step-brother and 1 step-sister. My step-brother is snobbish. Totally cold to me. My sister looks very much like me. So I kind of like her because we look alike.

JB: Why do you think your father tortured you?

AC: Cauz he's an asshole. He's just insane. Once he invited 20 men home to play Mah-jung. I cannot sleep in my own room because there are 8 men playing mah-jung in my room. I cannot sleep in my father's room because my step-mom hated me and did not allow me in. So I slept on the hall way where men constantly walk by to use the restroom. It's a small house, in fact, it's not even a house. It's a small double room studio. and 20 men were loud. So I had to sleep in a party. They partied until 6 in the morning. I was beatened in the morning because I didn't want to wake up for school. I cried my way to school that day. U know if I have a son, I will treat him like a prince!

JB: How old were you when your father started to torture you? How old were you when he stopped?

AC: He started when I came back to San Francisco from Taiwan, 9 year-old. He stopped torturing me until 13, when he went bankrupt and escaped to China.

JB: What kinds of mental and physical torture were you subjected to?

AC: No food or spoiled food in the refrig. Made the hungry me watch him eat delicious food in a restaurant where I didn't get to order anything. Beaten with sticks, slammed my head into a door and actually broke open the door. Wipped by belt. Punches in the face and on body. My step-mom has total authority over my life. I am a slave child comparing to my step-brother. Man that's why I will treat my son like a royal prince if I will ever have one.

JB: How do you think that being tortured changed you as an adult?

AC: I learned to be gentle. I will not torture my children. (I don't plan to have a child because I don't want population overgrowth) I care about people. I am thoughtful.

JB: Why does your family think you're nuts?

AC: Because they're Chinese. In a Chinese family, you can only become a doctor, lawyer, or computer engineer. Becoming a inventor is considered outragious. My grandmother and my aunt believe me because they were both sick once and they had no choice but to beg me for my rings. They used it and believed me ever since. My aunt's hair all grew out, and my grandma regained her health.